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Ceilings do a few important jobs in a room. They separate areas, control how light and sound spread, and stop sound from moving between rooms.


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False ceilings serve various purposes like hiding wires, reducing noise, enhancing fire safety, improving energy efficiency, and resisting moisture and sagging. Traditionally made of gypsum boards, modern false ceilings now offer both functionality and aesthetics.

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Gypsum, a mineral rich in calcium sulfate, is favored for its thermal insulation, soundproofing, lightweight nature, and fire resistance, making it ideal for false ceilings. Gypsum boards are also versatile, allowing for easy application of wallpaper or textured finishes.

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Another type of false ceiling is called grid ceiling. It’s good at absorbing sound and making the room quieter. There are different kinds like gypsum grid, mineral fiber grid, and metal grid. They also come in cool designs and help with noise.

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PVC ceiling panels, durable and warp-resistant, provide a cost-effective alternative to traditional materials like gypsum or POP.


Wood ceilings, a timeless choice, bring warmth and natural beauty to interiors, making them a popular option for finishing designs to any room.

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